“Ice Cream,” flash nonfiction, Bright Flash Literary Review, November, 2020

“The Voices of Women,” Aquifer: The Florida Review online, Book Review of The “Unrhymables: Collaboration in Prose” by Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade.

“Daydream in a Bookstore About Men in This Life,” Sundog Lit, Finalist for 2019 Collaborative Contest, co-written with Judith Roney.

“The Forger,” fiction, short story, The Write Stuff Anthology

Other Shiny Things,” Poetry Chapbook, Self-Published

“Pickles,” Poem,  The Helix Magazine

“When Your Mama Tells You To Buy Carmex At Walmart, Buy It,” nonfiction,  Meat for Tea: The Valley Review

From My Table to Yours – Recipes of a Southern Mom, Self-Published

Voile’, a photographic documentary of a mother/daughter trip to Paris, Self-Published

SOUTH GEORGIA TODAY, an online digital magazine (now defunct)

Promises We Keep

What I Got From My Father 

Saturday in a Small Town

Thanksgiving Thankful

Do You Know What Freedom Sounds Like?

Diapers & White Coats

King Edward

We All Have Salt In Our Blood

Coffee Shops: One of the Best Places on Earth

It’s Nice at 58. I Like It Here

Are You An Intellectual?

The Things I’ve Lost

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Lap of Love

Nuggets of Truth are Found in the Most Ordinary Things

People Who Stay On Shore Never Make a Splash

A Great Offense is the Best Defense Against the Flu

You Are Not Insignificant In The Grand Scheme of Things

What Does Kindness Mean, Really?

A Valdosta Wildflower Blooms in Thomasville

Where in the World is Janice Daugharty?

Warren Robinson: From Banker to Author  Part I

Warren Robinson: From Banker to Author Part II

Big Nick’s-Welcome to the Family

A Dog’s Best Friend

Smartphones Become Eyes


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